Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Were fairly normals. Uh, yeah. Yesterday… went onto campus for bar breakfast with Philippa and Alex. Did some work for an hour, went to a Dunamis meeting at 12:00, went to my Middleware lecture, did some more work, briefly met with Chris T for fusion feedback type stuff, did some more work, went down to Mondo with Philippa, Alex and Hayley, went to my nonexistent class at 5:00 (well, it must have been cancelled that week), and then back to Mondo shortly afterwards. Then I went to Sizzlers for dinner, and onto CU. Then the bar, then home. My day in a nutshell! Hmmm…

Uh, yeah. Today, I haven’t done much. Spent most of the day with Philippa and Alex – I helped them prepare their theology seminar for tomorrow, played a game of the ‘Crystal Maze’ (board game), and then went onto campus for Fusion. After Fusion, a few people watched Dumb and Dumber. And then I came home.

Yeah, great fun…


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