Another update

I do apologise for the total dullness of my blog recently, I’m afraid that it’s going to continue for another few weeks! The amount of work I have to do before the end of term is crazy, so that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Testing for my project… oh the fun! I’ve written 1,500 words on the testing I’ve done so far and I don’t think that’s half of it. Still — at least it’s getting there, which is the important thing! In a moment I’m going to go and get myself a drink and then head down to the chaplaincy to do some reading for my middleware progress test I have this Friday. And then I’m going to come back to the lab and do some more testing (or — shock! horror! – possibly write up some implementation…)

Ah well. I suppose you could probably guess what I was doing yesterday… working! That’s right! I worked on my robotics assignment in the lab for a couple of hours, then I did some work on my project, then I met up with Philippa for a drink before going back home, having dinner, working, then playing the PlayStation for a while with Alex and Phil.

Ah, good fun… not long to go now, it’s rather scary. A project to hand in, as well as two assignments and a couple of progress tests. I’m sure I’ll manage… “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Bring it on!!!


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