The Weekend

Not a very exciting weekend I’m afraid! Not because I’ve been working, but just because I’ve been really boring… Saturday, I went to do my radio show on campus. Then I came back home. Then Philippa came round for a bit and we played ‘Pass the Bomb’ and Consequences. Sunday, went to Fordham in the morning. Very challenging sermon actually! Well, I found it challenging… then I came back home, had lunch, went for a walk down the Wivenhoe trail and went onto campus. It was a lovely day for a walk… until it started snowing! Anyway, I prepared my fusion group, went for a drink with Philippa, she came round and we watched ‘Sliding Doors’. And that’s it.

Tomorrow, back to work! 10,000 words written of my final year project… all the evaluation still to do, as well as some testing. It’s all good fun…


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