Haven’t done much interesting since my last post. Went to see ‘Shaun of the Dead’ on Saturday night. It was very good — very gory in places, and I don’t think as good as ‘Spaced’, but definitely good 🙂

I had three revision lectures today. Fairly boring and mundane kind of stuff, but that’s what revision is really. Nothing exciting and new because it’s just revision… ah well, at least these should be the last exams that I’ll have to do for a while! (Possibly ever, but I very much doubt that).

I’m DJing at ‘The Lock-In’ tonight, which is an event organised by the DJ Soc here. I’m on at 11… it should be good fun! I just hope that lots of people come, it’s a bit dodgy because it’s the first day of term and I’m not sure how well it’s been advertised. Oh well, if not many people do come then — c’est la vie.

I’m about to go and meet Philippa now to have a quick drink beforehand, so I’ll update later* and tell you how it went (if I don’t update, it was rubbish 😉

* Later could mean anytime from later today to sometime next week or beyond…


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