I’m a graduate…

Well, I have now had my degree conferred, so I’m a graduate. That’s three years of my life done and dusted. Finished. Finito. No more. It’s a very strange feeling. Well, it’s not actually a feeling, it’s more a thought. It’s not really a feeling… I thought I’d feel sad, but I don’t because I know that I’m going to be back on a fairly regular basis next year! It’s just strange to think that it’s not going to be as a student.

Ah well. The day went well. I got to the ceremony OK… it was good, apart from being a bit boring in places! Me and my parents met up with Philippa and her parents for a picnic lunch (the weather was a little inclement but at least it was quite mild and not raining!). Then I went to Philippa’s ceremony and saw her have her degree conferred, and then went to the linguistics reception, and then came back home.

So, yes. I’ve enquired about another job, I doubt that I’ll get it, but hey. And… that’s about it!


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