Just a quick update

Yesterday, I went to Colchester. Philippa was moving some of her stuff in, and just in general getting her place for the next academic year ready. I went up and met her and her parents there. Then her parents went home, we went to see Matthew and had lunch with him (and I picked up my final year project, which incidentally I may put on the web which is probably an exercise in futility but there you go).

Then we came back to Ipswich, she stayed the night, and headed back home this afternoon. I bought “Shaun of the Dead” on DVD, so I’ve just watched that. I highly recommend it! It was funnier the second time around, but definitely well the money.

And one more thing, thanks everybody for messages of support for the interview tomorrow! I shall update here with how it went and let you know as and when I get any concrete news 🙂


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