Personality Tests

Well, I’ve just read on Simon’s Blog that he’s taken a personality test, and is apparently a ‘Mastermind’. They are, apparently, the most uncommon personality type in the UK. I think it describes Simon quite well, although obviously not perfectly and completely! I have just taken the personality test, and apparently am a ‘Realist’… I think some of the things are relatively accurate, although some of them are less so (that’s what you get with personality tests, it’s all a little bit vague!). You can read what I’m supposed to be like — based on my answers to the survey questions — here, and you can take the test yourself

My interview has been confirmed, so I will be taking the job interview on Monday after all! Tomorrow I’m going up to Colchester, and hopefully will be bringing Philippa back with me (she’s dropping some stuff off at her house).

All for now!


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