What is an intermediate vector boson and how much does it weigh?

— just one of the many questions you could ask AQA, a text-message question answering service.

As in, you text a question to a certain number, and then the answer is sent back to you via text! Other examples of questions that have been asked are “Where’s the nearest Nando’s to Soho?” and “Whats better for me – a banana or a bowl of broccoli?”

So there you go — any questions you might have, text it to AQA!

(incidentally, the answer to the question in the title is: ‘Intermediate vector bosons are the quantum exchange particles of the weak nuclear interaction, one of 4 fundamental forces of nature. Two types, W , charge (+/-), mass=80.4 Giga electron Volts, and Z , Charge (0), Mass=91.2GeV’. So now you know.)


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