What is it with RSS / XML Feeds…

… Or whatever the heck they’re called. Specifically, why oh WHY would someone want to feed their blog? I mean, are you presumptuous enough to think that someone somewhere is so enraptured by what you have to say that they’re going to want to make sure every time it’s updated they know about it, or it gets displayed on their website or something?

Anyone whose blog I like, I’ll visit their websites to check out whether they’ve updated every so often… but feeds, to my mind, are pointless unless (and this is where many bloggers seem to fall down) you actually have something to say! And I freely include myself in that — however I don’t publish a feed for this blog (although if I wanted one I could probably get one from Blogger…)

Anyway. I’m probably being a bit harsh, I tend to just abuse technology which I have no idea about the benefits of. Feeds? Live and let live…


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