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Hello people. I just thought I’d make a quick update to let you know that I am actually alive, that I did survive Christmas, but I just haven’t updated because I’ve been out and about!

Christmas was good, it was nice to see family again 🙂 On Tuesday I went down to Philippa’s, and we went to the Apollo Theatre in London to see Bill Bailey’s “Part Troll” show. It was absolutely brilliant, well worth the money! I think a couple of highlights had to be the BBC 10 o’ clock News “Apocalyptic Rave” and the Kraftwerk version of ‘Das Hokey Kokey.’

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Anyway. On Friday, we went to the chaplaincy for their new year’s party (it was very good) and afterwards to Phil B’s house for a cup of tea and some cheese on toast. Just the kind of thing you want in the small hours of New Year’s Day!

And… um… yeah, I don’t think there’s much else to say. I bought myself a new car stereo, but I’ve been having trouble installing it in my car… I think I need someone who knows a lot more about car stereos to come and have a look at it! Anyway, I think that’s just about it for now.

Over and out…

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