Post-Christmas and New Year’s Eve

First all, let me say – happy 2009! I hope it is a good year for you 🙂

Well, the past few days have gone by pretty quickly. Last Sunday, Phil and I travelled down to Kent to stay with Phil’s parents for a few days. We had a great time – very restful!

We also test drove a Saab 93… we went to see Julie and Dave, and as we were leaving Dave happened to ask whether we wanted to buy a car! So we went back on Wednesday morning on the way back home to give it a test drive. It was very nice, very smooth. Saabs are well put together cars generally, and it showed with the nice smooth ride and quiet interior. The only problem is, it has a bigger engine than our current car (it has a 2.0 Litre turbo) – which means it will be less fuel efficient. I don’t think it will make a huge difference depending on how you drive it, but it does have a good kick of speed if you need it.

Aaaanyway. On Wednesday evening we had a few people round for a New Year’s Eve party. Matthew, Ellie, Phil B, Anne-Marie, Sarah and Alex all came round. I think everyone had a good time – despite the rather hard quiz we made up!

And… I think that’s pretty much us up to date. I’m going to go into town later on to look at guitars… I may even go crazy and buy one! (Oh, the crazy mixed-up world we live in. Well, I live in at least).


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