The Choir and the Chemical Brothers

Well, a couple of reviews coming from the opposite ends of the musical spectrum here! Firstly, the choir last night. It was a fantastic evening! I have to say that I wasn’t previously a fan of choral music, I don’t really know why… anyway, hearing it live really made it something special. It was quite something! I’m very glad I made the trip up to Colchester to hear it. After the event, I went onto campus with Philippa and we had a drink in Top Bar.

Anyway. This morning, my copy of “Push the Button” by the Chemical Brothers arrived. I haven’t finished listening to it yet, but I’ve listened to most of it and I like what I hear. I think they’ve continued the trend they started with ‘Come With Us’. It’s a similar style, but different… I think it’ll be one album that I’ll be playing a lot more of!

So there you have it…


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