What to do with fox hunting?

Well, now that fox hunting has been (or will be – I’m not sure when it came or comes into effect) banned, I was wondering what they’re going to do now… obviously such a hunting ban is quite difficult to enforce, so some of them may continue to hunt anyway. However, I have another suggestion:

Instead of hunting foxes, why not hunt the paparazzi? So admittedly hunting paparazzi is probably illegal, but so is hunting foxes so you’re taking an equal risk! And the reward is far greater.

Foxes aren’t really a pest anymore, they don’t need much controlling — why not change the target of the hunt to a real pest? These paparazzi making lives hell for some people.

Do your bit for the hunt today: change the target of the hunt to paparazzi. When the law enforcement officials come round, you’ll even have the excuse that you’re doing something useful…


2 responses to “What to do with fox hunting?”

  1. Anonymous avatar

    “Foxes aren’t really a pest anymore”!!??!! Have you been in the countryside recently?!?

  2. Well thanks “Anonymous” for posting a comment… in case you didn’t realise, I was speaking tongue-in-cheek. People who do so tend to use factually incorrect information for the sake of humour (except, in my case, it probably wasn’t funny).Besides, my issue with fox hunting is less what is hunted rather than the way it’s done. Anyway.

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