This is a blog update to say, I have no news. I’ve done nothing interesting in the past few days whatsoever. But that won’t stop me from telling you about it 😉

On Monday, I walked over to Leisure World to recycle some bottles. I felt incredibly virtuous… not only did I manage to recycle some stuff, but I walked there (as opposed to taking the car)! That wouldn’t be so impressiv if we had a recycling box which a lot of houses in Colchester seem to, but living in a block of flats you don’t get that.

Yesterday, I watched a programme on TV called “No Sex Please, We’re Teenagers”. It was the first of three I think, about a group of teenagers who – as a sort of experiment – were asked to go without sex for five months. It was from a Christian perspective, very interesting – and for once, seemed to portray Christianity in a positive light!

Anyway. Tomorrow I think I’m going to have to go down to Maidenhead, and sometime next week or the week after I may have to go up to the Peak District. I might be quite well travelled by the time I go down to my course on the 26th…


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