The last few days

Just wanted to update you on the last few days! On Thursday, I didn’t do very much … went to the pub in the evening with Alex, Philippa and (later) Chris, Emily and Luci. On Friday, um, I can’t remember… something… um… I don’t know. Various things, including going home overnight! But whatever I did, I’ve got pictures to prove it!

Saturday, I came back to Colchester and did some stuff. In the evening we went round to Alex’s to play “Therapy” – which is a really good game! There were about six of us.

Then today, I went to Fordham in the morning. In the afternoon Philippa and her parents popped in briefly. Philippa is going back home for a couple of weeks to finish off her dissertation… it’s a funny feeling, not actually having a reason to go back to the university any more! I guess there are a couple of people I still know there though, such as Alex.

This evening, I went round to Anne-Marie and Esther’s and watched “American Pie: The Wedding”. To be honest, it’s not the greatest film I’ve ever watched… I don’t think I’d watch it again, but it was quite funny in places.

Anyway, I think that’s just about it from me! All for now…


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