Finally – I got it to update!

I finally managed to update Fedora Core 4 last night. I’ve been having problems since I upgraded from version 3. For some reason, up2date doesn’t want to work… looking at the files, I think it’s still got a couple of the repositories from version 3 there. So, when it wants to update, it can’t, because it can’t find the Fedora 4 RPMs.

Yum wasn’t much better… it started updating, got the package list, said that it had resolved the dependencies – and then failed with an error that libvcd needed something-or-other for the whatchamecallit.

It turns out all I had to do was remove the package that was causing the problems, and was then able to download all 600MB worth of updates (it took some time, I can tell you). Still, at least I have a nice up to date system now.

Still, this does show the good and bad side of Linux: The bad side is that sometimes problems are… well, they seem really stupid. Windows does work… most of the time. Sometimes with Linux you have to make it work. Still. The good thing with updates is that – there are a lot of packages on my machine. When I do an update, I get (for example) updated system utilities, updated kernel, updated OpenOffice, updated games… basically if there is a newer version of a package I have on my machine, it’ll automatically be updated.

That’s pretty cool!


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