The Weekend

Well, I haven’t put up a ‘The Weekend’ post in a while, so I thought I’d do one!

On Friday evening, Philippa and I went to the Rose and Crown in Wivenhoe, as it was the Fresher’s Week “Walk to Wiv” event. We didn’t actually walk from campus, but we did meet up with people at the pub and meet a couple of the freshers. It was a good evening, I enjoyed it 🙂

On Saturday I didn’t do all that much during the day. In the evening, Philippa and I went onto campus for the RED AM 1404 evening. A couple of friends from the DJ Soc were DJing there. It was great – although very, very loud! I think my ears are still recovering. Ah well.

Yesterday, I went to Church in the morning, then met up with Philippa and her parents for lunch. We went to the Rose and Crown – but not the one in Wivenhoe, this was one just outside of Great Horkesley. In fact, it might even be in Great Horkesley. But it was good regardless of location – unfortunately there was quite a large number of people on some kind of party there who’d arrived shortly before we did, which meant that we had to wait about an hour for lunch. It was good when it arrived though! I had a nice steak… mmmmm.

In the evening, we all went to Sunday @ 7 (the evening service) at Fordham. I was playing the piano, my first time there! I think I did OK, although it was good experience – I now know where to leave pauses! Not always something you think about when playing on your own.

I think that’s just about it… all for now!


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