Snow is in the air…

As one of my co-workers remarked yesterday, and as Matthew blogged, “Snow is in the air”. It’s cold. The sky is grey. You can just tell it’s going to snow, sometime…. probably. This is not good news. I don’t mind snow — when you don’t have to be out in it! People who like snow are invariably people who don’t have to drive through it down small country roads and risk life and limb getting into work. Ok that’s probably a slight exaggeration – I wouldn’t risk life and limb to get into work. But still, it isn’t nice having to navigate your way through a heavy fall of snow, especially in the dark.

Anyway. Someone posted up a good website on a forum yesterday: the top 30 facts for Mr. T. On the same website you can also find facts about Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris… I found it funny anyway 🙂


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