Apologies for lack of Christmas updates! (aka, ‘The Weekend’)

I just want to say – apologies for the lack of updates over Christmas! I’ve been rather busy the past few days, as you can probably tell.

Here’s a quick overview: on Saturday afternoon, I travelled back to Ipswich to my parents’ house. My sister arrived that evening, as well as one of our “longest standing” friends (we made them stand up all the time… no not really).

On Christmas day we went to church in the morning, and then had a lovely Christmas dinner! And, basically it was quite a family day — very enjoyable though. Probably one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in years. My parents were very pleased with their DVD player!

Anyway. Yesterday, we went to see ‘Peter Pan’ at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich, which was a pantomime with Brian Blessed. It was absolutely fantastic – I’d recommend anyone to go and see it! The guy who played ‘Smee’ absolutely stole the show, and Brian Blessed was brilliant with the audience interaction. Kirsten O’Brien, who played Peter Pan, was fabulous as well. I haven’t had so much fun at a pantomime in years (but seriously, it was a lot of fun).

I’m writing this from London – I’m staying with Philippa until New Year’s Eve, upon which we shall be returning to Colchester. I don’t know whether this will be my last update until then, but if it is — fare thee well, and I may see you soon!


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  1. Happy birthday for me for the day you wrote this entry. I went paintballing and got my ASS kicked, but it was great fun, and I’m going again in a few saturday’s time. Revenge will be sweet. =D

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