Just a quick update to say I’m safely back home! I got back home yesterday (Saturday, it’s still yesterday as I haven’t gone to bed yet). I got a new battery for my car, as well as some new windscreen wipers. The good news is that the windscreen wipers are now fitted. The bad news is that unfortunately I couldn’t fit the battery (I needed a tool which I haven’t got), and the car won’t start now! So my Dad is coming over tomorrow to help me fix it, hopefully we’ll manage to get it going again and everything will be fine.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to the chaplaincy new year’s eve party. It was a really good time, we played some party games and generally had a laugh! This morning, not being able to get to Fordham (because of the car), Philippa and I went to St Peter’s Church down the road from me. It was very enjoyable!

After lunch we watched some episodes of Fawlty Towers (I got the box set from Philippa for Christmas), and in the evening we had a pizza and watched “Clerks” (something I picked up in the sales).

I think that just about brings you up to speed… all for the time being!


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