Earthquake Clouds

I’ve just been reading the Cloud Appreciation Society website forums. Apparently there is someone who studies clouds and their use in predicting earthquakes: Earthquake Clouds. This is interesting stuff – a lot of the predictions have been quite accurate! And it certainly seems to hold up scientifically.

In other news, I have received word that my digital piano is in stock and will be sent today, so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow! All things being well, expect a review and some pics in the next couple of days 🙂


4 responses to “Earthquake Clouds”

  1. Yay! Digital pianos are so much fun! I’ve been playing mine lots recently – it’s great and very relaxing … Enjoy it!

  2. PS … Meant to say – what Piano are you getting? Where from? How much? (Feel free to answer according to how much info you want to divulge!) It’s all very exciting!

  3. I’m getting a Yamaha P-140 digital piano from (which I believe you told me about). In fact, the reason I went for a Yamaha one is because I liked your one, and they were quite reasonably priced! Anyway, I shall update sometime soon once I have it 🙂

  4. Oooooooooo … very nice! It is a good website, is it not? I’ve been very satisfied (though it did take a little while to arrive I seem to remember!) but the price was astounding – my keyboard still retails for £250 more than what I paid for it!

    Have fun!

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