Plea for Spelling (Part 2), and some good news

Some of you may remember my initial Plea for Spelling, in which I bemoaned the tendency of people these days to spell “ridiculous” as “rediculous”. Well, I have another plea. On the front of a computer equipment catalogue, I saw an advert for a printer. It had on the front: “The perfect compliment to any office”.

It just filled my mind with images of a printer sitting there in an office, occasionally printing out messages such as “Oh this is such a lovely office” and “Your office is beautiful dah-ling”.

What they possibly might have meant a printer that complemented the office. Ok, so you might think I’m being all smart-alec about it, but — I’ve just noticed (again) recently a downward spiral in people’s attitudes towards communication. In a lot of the communication I receive at work (through e-mail or our support site etc), people don’t actually bother to use proper capitalisation / grammar / any logic at all in the message whatsoever (delete as appropriate, except in a few rare cases where deleting none is the only option). The whole point of “communication” is that the person you’re communicating to can comprehend what you’re communicating (just to get the word in this sentence for a fourth time, I’ll say “communicate” again).

Aaaannd… in other news, nuclear power stations are safe from terrorist attack. Well, they are in America, at least. That’s good news for those of us who live near a nuclear power station (I used to live quite near to Sizewell B).

Finally, if Jesus had an iPod he would be listening to Christian Rock. My favourite quote from the article is this: “Jesus’ Podcast on the iMount would indeed be an improvement on the traditional method of spreading the word.” I’m not sure I entirely agree, but I found the idea of Jesus podcasting on the iMount to be very entertaining!

That’s all today, you may now resume normal life (those of you whose lives can be said to be ‘normal’, which if I know my readership is very few of you!).


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  1. If you were to drive up the A140, between Gislingham and Diss you would see an official Highways Agency directional sign pointing to the “Complimentary Medicine Centre.” I’ve always found that quite funny, although I assumed that it dispensed free drugs rather than gave out medicines which said nice things to you!

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