The Weekend

Just thought I’d make a “The Weekend” post because I haven’t done in a while. So, what did I get up to? Not a whole lot is the answer to that! On Friday night, I went back home to Ipswich and stayed overnight with my parents. I watched an old episode of “Dad’s Army”, the one where they challenge Captain Square’s platoon to an assault course type thing. It was really funny, I’ve seen it before but not for a while!

On Saturday morning I went back home and had my hair cut (told you this was exciting, didn’t I? It gets better…). In the evening, I basically just stayed in and did nothing. I thought about adding a subscription to this blog (see my earlier post), but didn’t actually make it live in the end. I also did a new mix, the fruits of which you can see below if you so wish.

On Sunday morning, I went to Fordham as per usual. Then in the afternoon, Philippa and her parents came round for a cup of tea. It was good to see them again (Philippa had been home for the weekend, and her parents were dropping her back off in Colchester). After they’d gone, Philippa and I went round to Alex’s to meet up with Alex, Sarah and Chris J, and we all had pizza and watched “George of the Jungle”… possibly not the best film I’ve ever seen in my entire life, but quite light-hearted and fun! Very much a kids’ film, but quite enjoyable.

And that brings you up to date…


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