Weddingy Weekend

This weekend was quite… “weddingy”. I know that’s not a word, but I just made it up. So there.

On Friday night we didn’t have much in the way of weddings to do – Phil was out helping at the Fordham youth group 21, and I … well, I stayed in and didn’t do much!

On Saturday evening, we went out to a wedding reception for one of Phil’s colleagues. It was good fun! We stayed for most of the evening, and danced the night away… the DJ was pretty good and played all the cheesy classics. The only problem was, he played a lot of good stuff while we were eating, which meant we couldn’t get up and dance! Ah well.

On Sunday morning we went to church, and then afterwards had AJ round for lunch. We were discussing helping out at 21 – neither of us have done any youth work before, but we’re going to start helping out on a fornightly basis. A bit scary, but I think it will be enjoyable!

In the evening, I went out to Ian’s stag night dinner in Ipswich. I got a lift over with Matthew, we made up the Colchester contingent! We went to an indian resturant called Dhaka. The food was good but it was quite on the pricey side. Anyway, we had a good evening, and it was also good to meet some of Ian’s friends from Ipswich.

Afterwards, I came back home and watched “Planet of the Ood”, this week’s Doctor Who, which I’d recorded on Saturday. I thought it was a really good episode, even if some of it didn’t quite make sense to me (the whole ‘Doctor being chased by a giant grabber’ scene didn’t quite work for me). It also had some more references to the lack of bees on earth, and the Doctor’s song “ending” … all in all, this series is shaping up to be pretty good!


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