Well, a couple of items of blog news, first about mine, and then about someone else’s! Firstly, this blog is now three years old! It started during my second year of university, (in February 2003), and kept going through the trials and tribulations of graduation, unemployment, employment, and (constantly) the boredom of the regular readers. By way of a mini-celebration I thought I’d post up an especially boring blog post (this one).

Aaaaanyway. The other news I had was that I got a mention on Max Barry’s Blog. I sent him an e-mail, and he mentioned it (very, very, briefly) in an update. I told you this was a boring blog post, didn’t I?

Ah well. All for now…


2 responses to “Blog News”

  1. Happy third birthday, Phill’s blog! I wonder how much work I’ve managed to avoid doing over that time by reading this instead of actually getting on with stuff!

    February is obviously the time to start blogs, because that’s when mine started too!

    Congrats on getting a mention on Max’s blog, too!

  2. hmmm, perhaps February is just such a boring month that all there is to do is start a blog? I don’t think Matthew’s blog started in Feb, though… maybe it’s just the least entertaining of us!

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