I’ve been looking around for a CMS which could be used for the Fordham website. I’ve downloaded and installed Joomla!, but that seems really complicated for the type of thing I’m looking for. Matthew suggested to me MODx CMS. It looks pretty good, but what I liked about it was the following:

MODx is 100% buzzword compliant, empowering you to build engaging “Web 2.0” sites today.

That really made me laugh! – it sounds like something straight out of Dilbert. I’m going to have to try it now…


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  1. I’ve been using MODx for a while now, and finding it really good. The page publishing and updating system isn’t quite as good as some other CMSs, but it’s so easy to create theme templates, it makes the design process a pleasure! And you can insert snippets of PHP code into the content of your page, which is really cool.

    Still not quite sure what they mean by “100% buzzword compliant”. I did look into this at one point, as they claimed to support some clever gadgets that give you rounded corners and cinematic effects and stuff. Looked cool, but I’ve yet to find any of it actually in MODx anywhere… maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places!

  2. “MODx is 100% buzzword compliant, empowering you to build engaging “Web 2.0″ sites today.”

    That IS a joke, surely?!?

  3. Did you check out the front page of the website? I don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds (i.e., it just means they do a lot of stuff which is used as a ‘buzzword’ at the moment) but I still thought it was pretty funny 🙂

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