Eclipse and SWT

I’ve been messing around recently with Eclipse and SWT. Eclipse is an IDE for Java (well, mainly Java, I think) and SWT is a toolkit for Java GUIs, similar to Swing. The difference with SWT is that it hooks in to the operating system, meaning that your applications look like programs compiled for that operating system (as opposed to Swing, which is … well, it’s not that great).

Anyway, I decided to write an FTP Client in Java. Although gFtp is pretty good, I just wanted to see if I could write my own one… just because! So, I decided to. Here’s a screenshot of it so far:


Anyway. If anyone feels like contributing to a Java FTP Client, drop me a line! I will probably release the code as open-source if it ever gets to the stage where I think it’s got enough features to release it. Currently you can’t even upload and download files (just browse), so not massively feature-full 😉

I promise I’ll make a non-techy post soon!


2 responses to “Eclipse and SWT”

  1. Why is Swing not so great? Have you seen project Matisse?

  2. I used Swing at University when I was learning Java. I just found it a bit clunky, also I prefer a native look and feel as opposed to a ‘Java’ look and feel. You could spot a Java application a mile off! Project Matisse looks good though, I’ll have to investigate a bit. I’m not really a GUI programmer, I do J2EE based stuff at work, so I’m not really used to this stuff!

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