BitTorrent Client on Ubuntu Linux

Just a quick post tonight… I’ve been looking for a BitTorrent client on Ubuntu for a while now. Ubuntu does come with one, but unfortunately it’s not that great – it’s fine for basic downloading of one torrent at a time, but it’s not so great if you want to do advanced stuff, like download two things at a time (they might have changed that now though). Anyway. Azureus is a very popular BitTorrent client and is in the package tree, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work on my machine! I don’t know why — it’s written in Java so it shouldn’t have strange problems, but whenever I run it I just get a strange Java error which usually signals a problem with native code or something like that. Weird.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to have another look, and I came up with Deluge. It’s a native Linux app (not written in Java), it’s relatively new, and – importantly for me – it runs on my machine! It comes with packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo and even Mac OS X! (Note: if you’re a Ubuntu user, try installing the package deluge-torrent…)

I tried it out yesterday and it seemed to work fine, although I was only able to try it with one .torrent. So, if you’re looking for a BitTorrent client on Linux, give Deluge a go 🙂


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