We’ve been having a few discussions on Crossring recently, and it’s caused me to think a bit about theology. I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern emerging (and this isn’t just on Crossring – it’s much more general, I just noticed it first there).

Theologian A: x must be true because it says y in the Bible here.
Theologian B: Ah, but that can’t be true, because of z (where z is usually a way the Greek / Hebrew work is used originally, but could be any number of things).

This strikes me as rather a negative way of doing things. Surely theology is about finding out what the Bible does say, rather than what it doesn’t? Ok, so (as is so often the case) there are multiple meanings to a word. But surely that gives license for being broadly positive rather than broadly negative?

There’s not really a point to this post, just random musings…


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