Dawkins’ God

I received a copy of Dawkins’ God from Amazon yesterday. I’ve read the first couple of chapters, it seems very good!

Basically, it’s a critique of the ideas Richard Dawkins has put forward in his books (including “The Selfish Gene” and “The Blind Watchmaker”) — the idea that because of the work which originated with Darwin, we now no longer have any need for God.

If you’re interested in the debate between Atheism and Christianity (specifically, Richard Dawkins’ version of atheism) then it would be well worth reading. I’ll try and post up a more detailed review when I’ve finished the book!


4 responses to “Dawkins’ God”

  1. So not the new book from young Matthew, then? Disappointing! Would be interested to hear more about it (when you’ve read it, obviously!)

  2. No, although if young Matthew did decided to do a book on it he could call it “Dawkins vs Dawkins”. Like the film “Kramer vs Kramer”. Cunning!…

  3. Cool just lessoned to a podcast all about Richard Dawkins, check it out. Just go into itunes, type in City and look for:
    City Evangelical church, Birmingham

    Really good

  4. ah, I’m afraid I don’t have iTunes 🙁 If you can find a transcription of it somewhere, let me know!

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