MySpace. Why. Just… why…

There seems to have been an explosion in MySpace pages recently. Every man and his dog has got one. In fact, the entire extended family seems to have got one. There’s even a MySpace page for Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson… in fact, just about any celebrity you can mention. (even Jesus has a page). They’re all fake, of course.

But beyond that, all MySpace pages share a fairly common theme: they are a masterclass in how not to design a web page. I really don’t know whether this is just MySpace restricting people on what they can do with a page, but almost invariably every single page on there looks rubbish! It’s so bad that Ishkur started a blog about it.

Some of the pages are so bad they make Firefox cry. If Tim Berners-Lee was dead, he would turn in his grave! (If you don’t know who he is, Google it).

So, let me make this perfectly clear: If you’re thinking about getting a MySpace page — DON’T DO IT! Keep some freakin’ credibility and STAY AWAY! Just in case you’re slightly blind, once again — DON’T GO THERE!!!!!11111one


Thankyou, and goodnight.


One response to “MySpace. Why. Just… why…”

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve thought about myspace but it really is the worst design ever.

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