The Weekend

So… what have I been up to this weekend? Not a whole lot really! On Friday night, I went round to some friends of ours from church for a games evening. It was a very enjoyable time – we played a couple of good games including one called “Metro” (a German game I think) which I want to try and get hold of!

On Saturday, I went into town with Phil in the morning and because it was sunny, we bought ourselves some lunch from Subway and had it in castle park! Although it was a bit windy, it was just so nice to be sitting out in the sun after the rather poor weather we’ve had recently. I managed to buy myself a new shirt and tie, which means that I have now pretty much everything I need to wear at the wedding in June. The only thing I need now is cufflinks (I don’t think they’ll be too hard to find!).

Yesterday, we went to Church in the morning. I was involved in a Mother’s Day sketch with a “This is Your Life” theme – the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus! I played the part of John the apostle. I rather enjoyed it! I was also called in at the last minute to play for “Sunday @ 7”, so Philippa and I both played yesterday evening. In the afternoon I prepared for the home group study I’m doing this week (on the question “Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?”).

And… that was my day! Think that’s just about it for the time being. All for now!


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