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I’m getting really annoyed by the amount of comments spam that I’m getting. I usually have about one spambot on here a day, trying to post up adverts to sites for pharmaceuticals etc. I don’t know what kind of return they’re getting on spam, but it can’t be much – do people really buy stuff from dodgy companies who advertise using comments spam? If I ordered anything through them, I’d be worried that I’d wake up in a bath of ice with my liver missing or something like that…

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that if you find you post a comment and it doesn’t appear on the site, either (1) it’s because it’s being moderated, (2) I’ve set my spam filter to automatically delete posts with certain words in them 🙂

The other thing to mention is, I have uploaded the photos I took last Saturday on Yahoo! Photos. You can find them on this page. I’ve decided to store them on Yahoo! rather than on here because there you get unlimited storage space, whereas here I’m paying for the storage and bandwidth! Sometimes you can see a “Download” button next to the photos, but in case you can’t and you want the originals of any of them please let me know.


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  1. Do you have WordPress 2.0, if so then turn on Akismet. It blocks about 40 spams a day on my blog, very little gets through and I have had zero false positives so far.

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