The Weekend

So… what’s been happenin’ this weekend? Well, I’ll tell you! (Don’t ask me why I have these conversations on my blog. It’s not important. All you need to know is that you ain’t seen me, roight?)

On Friday evening, Philippa and I were babysitting for some friends of ours from home group. It was quite a nice evening actually, we watched “School of Rock” and then some of the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD.

On Saturday, I didn’t do much during the day, apart from go to Asda! In the evening, Philippa and I went to the Rover’s Tye where we met up with a lot of people including some I hadn’t seen in a long time – Andy B, Naomi, Steve Lucas, Foz, Liz (and her friend, Liz) and some of the usual crowd (Sarah & John, Matthew) and some of the in-between crowd (Kevvy B). I’ve taken some pictures which I will put up here soon.

Anyway. Yesterday morning, I went to Fordham. In the afternoon, I did some preparation for the home group on Thursday (where I will be doing miracles*). And in the evening, Philippa and I went to Wivenhoe with Alex, Elysa and Anne-Marie, where we met up at Papa’s fish and chip shop for dinner. It was the first time I’d actually eaten in the restaurant bit there! Most times previously we either ate at Claremont Road, or on the quayside. Anyway, it was nice! Everyone else had battered sausage & chips, I had haddock & chips… always one to be different, eh? Anyway. Afterwards, we went down to the Rose & Crown for a couple of drinks before heading back home. ‘Twas a very enjoyable evening! And Alex took some great photos of the sunset which you will probably be able to find on his photos page before long.


2 responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Already up!

  2. Thanks Alex – I saw it the other day 🙂

    They’re great photos – can I get the originals of some of those (the sunset ones that is)?

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