Apathy and This New Day

I bought a book last week called “Apathy and Other Small Victories” last week, mainly on the strength of reading a very high recommendation on Max Barry’s blog. I’m not quite sure what to make of it! It’s funny, but the humour is quite black. It’s also not a book to read if you’re easily offended! But I did enjoy it, and would recommend it to anyone who likes their comedy quite off-beat!

On a different tack, I bought “This New Day” (Album) by Embrace. It’s really good! The title song “Nature’s Law” has got a really catch chorus, it’s the kind which could get easily stuck in your head! Compared to their last album (“Out of Nothing”), I think this is definitely an improvement. It seems more polished, more easy to listen to (if that makes sense?!), and I think more upbeat. If you like the sound of Coldplay or Athlete, you’ll probably like Embrace 🙂 I recommend it!


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