The Weekend

Well, it’s that time of the week again! Yep, another “The Weekend” post 🙂

On Friday night, we didn’t do very much at all. On Saturday, we did quite a lot … our furniture from Homebase arrived (yay!). So I spent a couple of hours putting it up. Both items (a bookshelf and a cupboard) seemed to go without any problems, and both of them look good where we’ve put them 🙂 The bookshelf in particular makes the living room look a lot more “homey”.

We also went into town to get a few bits, including a whole bunch of stuff for our holiday in a couple of weeks. I needed to get some walking boots, and we both needed some other random bits and pieces. In the evening we stayed in and did a couple of things that needed doing at home… we were both pretty exhausted by the end of the day!

Yesterday, we went to Fordham in the morning. In the afternoon we didn’t do a whole lot… late afternoon, we started walking down to Alex’s in Wivenhoe. We went round there for chillout night, and instead of driving thought it would be a good idea to break in my walking boots by walking there. I think it turned out to be a good decision as we got there without any problems, and I feel much more comfortable with my new boots.

In the evening we went down to the Bengal Spice with Alex. I had a chicken Pasanda — and it was absolutely delicious! I can heartily recommend one for anyone going there 🙂

And… that’s about it for the time being. I’ve been doing a bit more work on my PHP webmail thingum, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide a demo of that soon for anyone who’s interested. All for now!


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