Holiday Snaps!

I’ve uploaded our holiday photos! They’re now in a Yahoo! Photos album. I think there are a few duplicates on there, but not many!

Changing the subject complete, on a geeky note — I found this the other day which I think is a brilliant idea if you find out anyone is using your wireless connection without your permission (and you have the resources to do it!)


3 responses to “Holiday Snaps!”

  1. Nice pics! A group of us went to Morecambe a few years ago and we got a photo of old Eric – plus the group of us mimicking him (and a large fluffy penguin that someone had won!) Looks like you had a fun time, anyway!

    Incidentally, would it be at all possible to set up your network so that the cheeky neighbours, whatever webpage they typed in, they always got re-directed to or something?

  2. Hi Joe, yes it would indeed be possible to have the cheeky neighbours redirected… to any site you want! The guy on that site first of all set up all websites to be redirected to Kitten War!

  3. Spelt my name wrong, cant be bothered to change

    nice find about the wireless, someone is probably stealing mine as its not protected (keeps cutting out if i add security)

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