The Way is Shut…

“The way is shut. It was made by the dead, and the dead keep it. The way it shut.”

So read Curly, Blondey and Shorty as they prepare to go and raise the undead army in “Lord of the Rings”. Why am I mentioning it? Well, I was thinking about it earlier as I came across another one of those mysterious “Road Closed” signs.

I was slightly mystified earlier when I accidentally drove past a “Road Closed” sign… only to find that the road was not, in fact, closed. I think the workmen must have just forgotten to remove the signs once they’d finished working… a tad inconsiderate though, given that going around would have added an additional five or ten minutes to my journey into work.

I thought that perhaps “Road Closed” signs be replaced with the following notice:

The Road is Closed
It was made by the Highways Agency, and the Highways Agency keeps it
The Road is Closed

A tad more poetic, and it would at least fit in with the mysterious air of a lot of these “Road Closed” signs…


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