The Weekend

Just a quick post about what I got up to this weekend! It wasn’t very much really, as will become apparent (how’s that for a teaser, eh?) On Friday night, we went to Ipswich to have dinner with my parents, and then load up a van they hired with our new suite. Some people we know from my parents’ church are moving to a smaller house, and they wouldn’t have room for the suite in their new house… so they gave it to us! Which was incredibly generous of them, especially given that it’s such a nice one.

Anyway. On Saturday morning my parents came over with the van and we unloaded the suite. Unfortunately they couldn’t stay long as the van had to be back before noon (maybe it was going to turn into a pumpkin or something after that… no, wait…) In the afternoon we went into town and did various things. I bought a new phone, which means that I have a new mobile number, which means that I shall be contacting people in the near future! On Saturday evening we had the evening in, as it had been a long week and we hadn’t had much of a chance to rest.

On Sunday I had a cold so didn’t really do much at all! In the evening, Alex came round and we had Lasagne, and then afterwards we went round to Alex’s to watch “Torchwood” (which was very good, by the way).

So there you have it! Now, before I finish, there is one thing I must rant about. I’ve just bought a new Family Guy DVD. I got home today to find that it had arrived! Which is good news. Unfortunately, a lot of new UK DVDs seem to have a thing from “FACT“. I don’t know if you’ve ever bought or watched any UK DVDs (or been to the cinema in the past year or two) but they’ve been showing a little short clip about how downloading movies is illegal (it’s stealing, the boldly proclaim).

Well, that may be the case, but … why on earth are they making is sit through this freaking sutff on DVDs WHICH WE HAVE LEGALLY BOUGHT?!!! It’s crazy. Yes, I have just purchased legally a DVD which I want to sit down and watch, without waiting for all this stupid “downloading is illegal” rubbish to finish first. The ironic thing is, people who pirate DVDs will probably remove the copyright warning at the beginning, meaning that buying an illegal DVD in this case would actually prove beneficial.

I think I’m going to start ripping DVDs to my computer and burning them to CD as DivX without any of this superfluous rubbish on them — slightly lower quality, but at least I wouldn’t have to wait ages in order to start watching. Grrrrr.

And, that’s all folks!


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  1. New phone, eh? Anything interesting?

    I have to agree with you to a certain extent on the DVD piracy thing, the advert you get at the beginning always winds me up, especially because it doesn’t allow you to skip past it. Having said that, I’ve figured out that you can fast forward through it, so it’s not nearly as annoying as it could be! It’s either that or you put the DVD in and then go and make a cup of tea while it starts up!

  2. Hi Matthew,

    It’s not particularly interesting — a Nokia 1600. Very basic, but I didn’t want anything more… I realised recently I’ve been paying £25 per month on my contract phone, but I hardly ever use it! I thought it was time to finish the contract (which I still have yet to do, actually… must do that this weekend).

    As for the DVDs — that’s what I tend to do, i.e. stick the DVD in the player and then go and do something else for a minute or two!

  3. Hi Phill,

    Tee hee hee … you’ve saved me a whole Blog post about the stupid anti-piracy adverts on legal DVDs … Have they never heard of preaching to the converted? (That’s not to say that Christians don’t still need to hear the Bible being taught I hasten to add!) Interesting to hear your thoughts on Family Guy 5 – I might not bother with that either … Mind you I am just starting to get into “24” – Highly addictive if you ask me …


  4. There is one genius episode on Family Guy 5 which is about censorship, apart from that it’s not up to much!

    24 I have tried to avoid precisely because it is so addictive 🙂

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