… and again!

Oh dear, no posts last week! Well, here’s another “The Weekend” post anyway, I’ll try and post something different up this week…

On Friday evening, we didn’t do much (i.e., food shopping! Nothing exciting). On Saturday we spent some time in town. We bought some new clothes, and had a rather nice drink in Costa Coffee (they’re doing their Christmas specials in there at the moment – I can recommend the mint hot chocolate, it was lovely!). In the evening we went to the Albert to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. There were about twelve of us there. It was a really nice evening, good to see a few friends from uni again! As well as a couple of Sarah & Jon’s friends who we’ve met before.

On Sunday we went to Fordham in the morning, and then had lunch there (they had a lot of food left over from the previous evening’s bonfire night!) In the evening we also went to Fordham (well, technically Eight Ash Green) for the evening service.

And, that’s the weekend!

I do have one quick note / review though: Family Guy Season 5. A bit disappointing. The main problem I have with this season of Family Guy is that … well, they seem to have run out of ideas. They seem to be intentionally making it as controversial as possible, but in doing so make it a lot less humorous… they always did satire with a sledgehammer (as it were), but that’s just been taken to the extreme and — well, I don’t like it. If there’s another series of Family Guy, I probably won’t buy it on DVD unless I see a few episodes first and can confirm that it’s good!


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