How dare you speak while I’m interrupting you!

… sorry about the random headline, but it’s been one of those days. It feels like I’ve been interrupted once every five minutes, meaning that I haven’t actually managed to get any work done at all! Doh!

Anyway. What did we get up to this weekend? Well. On Friday we didn’t do much… on Saturday, we went down to London for my cousin’s wedding. It was a really good day – my parents drove us down, so it was good to chat to them on the way. The wedding service itself was pretty good, although they did have the old tune to “Love Divine” which I don’t like that much. Also the congregation didn’t seem to know the hymns – but then, perhaps that’s just par for the course at a wedding these days where a lot of people don’t really sing hymns anymore (shame!)

Afterwards we went to Sunningdale for the reception. It was held at a very nice place, and the food was absolutely delicious! I do quite like weddings, particularly the ones where you get to eat a nice meal 😉 Ahem. We stayed there until the evening, and then we caught the train down to Phil’s parents in Kent and stayed there overnight. On Sunday, they gave us a lift back home which was very nice of them! They wanted to see our new suite, and I think they liked it. Speaking of which, now we have our camera back from being repaired, I could probably post a picture of it up here… anyway.

I think that’s just about it for the time being!


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