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I came across an absolutely fantastic website today. It’s a satirical website, with the premise that Microsoft have taken over Mozilla Firefox.

It contains such gems as a “Googling filter”. “What is a Googling filter?”, I hear you ask. Here is the answer from their FAQ:

Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional offers dynamic security protection to help keep you safe online. Most users are unaware of how much personal, traceable data is transmitted with every click of the mouse while they are browsing Google and most online users are likely to have trouble discerning from a reliable and trustworthy site such as

A technique used by many malicious website operators such as Yahoo to gather personal information is known as Googling — masquerading online as a legitimate major entity person or business for the purpose of acquiring sensitive information (e.g., a credit card or social security numbers and photos). Developers of Googling and other malicious activities thrive in the head quarters of Google Inc. trying to plan their latest Googling scams.

To enable the Googling Filter, go to the Tools menu in the upper-right toolbar within Microsoft Firefox, and select Googling Filter.

Have a look at the site, some of it is brilliance 🙂


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