The Weekend

So! We come to another “The Weekend” type post.

Well. On Friday, um, uh…. my memory doesn’t extend that far back. On Saturday, we went into town for a bit. And then we came back home. In the evening, we went to ASK for dinner, which was very nice! I can particularly recommend the honeycomb cheesecake, it was lovely.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning. And then in the afternoon we … um … didn’t do a huge amount. In the evening, after having dinner we went round to Wivenhoe to see Alex, which was nice! And we watched “Torchwood” there.

On the subject of Torchwood… I thought yesterday’s episode was good. Although it was a bit dark, I thought with a few modifications it could have been a Doctor Who episode. I wasn’t that impressed with last week’s Torchwood though, on similar lines to the fairy one – no explanations!

Aaaanyway, that’s all from me. All for now…


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