Torchwood – Again!

Apologies for this blog seeming to become the “rant about Torchwood” blog… but it just provides so much food for thought and / or criticism!

This week’s episode (‘They Keep Killing Suzie’) was quite a good one, I thought. Having said that, there were one or two things which the entire episode hinged around which didn’t really make sense. Namely:

1. So, Suzie set up the whole thing. Great. But… how did she know that Gwen would actually be able to resurrect her? If Gwen wasn’t able to resurrect her, then it would have been a tad pointless, wouldn’t it? Which brings me on to the second thing.
2. Why didn’t she just not kill herself in the first instance? She could then have gone and killed her father or whatever she wanted to do without having to go through being brought back to life! I think perhaps (a) she wanted to experience what it was like to be dead (but why?), or (b) wanted to have eternal life. If (b), then I’m not sure how that was supposed to work… the glove allowed Suzie to live off Gwen’s ‘life-force’ — but Gwen’s life force is surely not infinite, so Suzie would just have had a normal life?! Again, absolutely no reason to kill herself and be resurrected.

Sorry to go on about these things – I wouldn’t be so pedantic if Torchwood didn’t take itself so seriously! That’s the difference between Doctor Who and Torchwood – Doctor Who is quite light-hearted and fun, whereas Torchwood tries to make itself all serious and dramatic. The only problem is, when you try and make something more serious, you have to make it a bit more believable in order to stop pedants like me from moaning about it on their blogs (yeah, like that’s an incentive to make better stories!).

Anyway. I did think Gwen & Suzie’s discussion about the afterlife was interesting – they did it very cleverly so that practically any religious / theological framework could be accommodated!

Oh yes, and on a very minor note – I liked the fact that they used ‘Gorecki’ by Lamb right at the end. It’s a beautiful song! However, I just don’t think it was appropriate given the context. It’s a love song really, and … well, was Gwen in love? Was that what they were trying to convey? Do you think “If I should die this very moment / I wouldn’t fear” was an appropriate first line given that one person had just died trying to desperately cling on to life? Ah well, it’s just good to see Lamb getting some recognition 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for me for the time being…


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  1. Ok just to give my two cents on your thoughts…

    She didn’t know that someone would be able to resurrect her – she constructed a series of events which lead to the Torchwood crew deciding that the only way to stop this would be to use the glove to question and find out more information about the killer. Suzie knew that it would end up being linked back to her – and she would be resurrected and due to her experiance with the glove I assume she was able to take more control of the connection than the others thought she could. So she didn’t know that anyone could or would resurrect her – she was taking a gamble which paid off. The chances are when she set this all up she knew she could be getting into trouble with the Torchwood authorities and wanted to be sure she had a get out clause…

    The reason she killed herself in the first instance is that there was no other way for her to escape. She could’ve returned inside the base with Jack and Gwen – but then what? Face the music for going out and killing 3 people. She knew she had this large scheme set up – and while it was a gamble she took it – and it almost paid off for her. I don’t think she was going for infinate life – she was just trying to get her life to go that bit further and avoid going back to the “dark” for as long as possible.

    Well that’s how I interpreted what went on! Hope your well!


  2. Hi Al,

    Good points both! I agree with you about the calculated risk thing — it still seems like a rather elaborate scheme though. Surely someone intelligent enough to design a way into the Torchwood base to totally lock down after someone said a few words would be able to find a better way of getting away from Torchwood? I mean, didn’t she think that Torchwood would come after her when she was resurrected?

    To be honest, it doesn’t really make sense to me – but perhaps it would a bit more if I watched again.


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