Torchwood. You know the score.

Ok. Step one: read my previous rants on Torchwood. Step two: watch the current Torchwood (about the guy who died but is now a ghost). Step three: fill in the following for yourself:

(insert stupid things about the episode here)

Seriously though, these guys are just making it too easy! This episode actually self-destructed. It was going so well, too — although it was basically a Torchwood clone of the Doctor Who episode “Love and Monsters”, I still thought it was a good episode in its own right. And then… the last minute or two. WHAT?!?!?!

Once again — I really wouldn’t mind the plots not actually making sense or them not explaining anything at all, if Torchwood didn’t take itself so seriously!

I’ll stop ranting about Torchwood when they stop making it an easy target. Could possibly be ranting about it until the end of the series, then!…


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  1. […] some of you may know, I have a little bit of a history with Torchwood… suffice it to say, I thought the last series was a bit rubbish. […]

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