Is it just me…

… or does Internet Explorer’s “ClearType” facility only serve to make things less clear? I actually find it more difficult to read plain text in IE7 than in Firefox (or other browsers). Maybe it’s just my screen (and yes, I know you can turn ClearType off although it’s on by default), but it just seems a bit pointless really.

Ah well. This is just one of the many things which I have begun to hate about IE7… this morning I discovered that IE7 doesn’t allow you to disable select box options. Pretty much every other standards-compliant browser does.

I won’t mention the select box bug which I found about two days after IE7 was released 😉 And I won’t mention the stupid things it does with rendering sometimes…

Suffice it to say: I do not like IE7. If you are reading this, and you are using Internet Explorer, do yourself a favour and get a proper browser. (My personal favourite is Firefox, by the way, mainly because of the extensions, but the others I linked to are perfectly good alternatives, and there are others).


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  1. I echo that, but from a slightly different angle. I recently discovered that the image scaling capabilities built into Windows are rubbish. I was designing a web page on my Mac and had an image set to expand or contract to the width of its container (width: 100%;). This worked really nicely on my Mac on each browser I tested it on, but as soon as I went over to my PC it all went rather pixelated, in both IE7 and Firefox, so it’s not something to do with IE necessarily but in the way Windows itself handles these types of graphics. Just one more reason I prefer Macs!

    Oh, and your title “It it just me” may need an amendment to the first word… 😉

  2. Well spotted re: the typo 😉

    Actually before I wrote that blog entry I did some googling to see whether “ClearType” was actually the name of the thing or not, and apparently it’s been in Windows for a while! So yeah, maybe Windows is just rubbish. But, you know, we’ve know that for ages anyway 🙂

  3. I documented a new workaround for IE’s disabled option bug in my first blog entry – I’d be happy about feed-back!

  4. […] identified at least one or two defects (here and here) in IE7 – not sure if they’ve been fixed yet. Either way it was a pretty poor show, […]

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