Past few days

Sorry I haven’t written much recently – it wasn’t the most fantastic weekend for me: on Thursday evening, as I was driving back home, my power steering went AWOL. I managed to get home OK, but driving a car which is meant to have power steering without power steering is actually quite difficult. This meant that I had to take a taxi into work on both Friday and Monday… I was meant to get a lift in with someone yesterday morning, but unfortunately we managed to miss each other. Doh!

Thankfully the car is now fixed, except for the slight problem of not being able to get the oil dipstick all the way back in (I think it must have taken a knock while it was being fixed).

Anyway. Onto what has actually happened… well, not a huge amount really. On Sunday evening we went round to Alex’s, and had a nice pizza from the Village Pizza place in Wivenhoe. It was probably the nicest take-away pizza I’ve had, they’re quite filling, although they’re not cheap so probably won’t have too many of them!

And, um, to be honest there isn’t really much else to say. So, um, yes…


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