Why is it that you can spend an hour trying to do something such as… oh, I don’t know… restoring a corrupt Subversion database, you don’t have any success in an hour’s work, but once you get home you manage it in about five minutes? Not that it’s ever happened to me, of course 😉

Seriously though, for future reference (for me), the command to restore a Subversion Berkeley DB is:

svnadmin recover /path/to/repository

NOT — and I want to make this absolutely clear — NOT this command:

svnadmin recover /path/to/repository/db

Because, you see, that second command will not work. It will just give you a strange error message about the version of the repository. Which is not good, and makes you waste an hour looking round various forums trying to upgrade the thing when it’s absolutely unnecessary…


5 responses to “Why?!!!”

  1. oh dear,

    But glad it all worked out in the end

  2. Yeah, it was just one of those things! I think sometimes taking a break, clearing your head and then coming back to a problem is the best thing. Ah well, lesson learned, which is good!

  3. Berkeley being subversive? Has he changed that much? Do say hello to him when you see him next …

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