Past few days…

Just a quick update about the past few days! At the weekend, we went up to Leeds for a wedding. One of Philippa’s friends from Cambridge was getting married, so we went up to the ceremony (which was in Leeds Cathedral – it’s very nice!), and afterwards to the reception at East Riddlesden Hall. Despite not really knowing anybody there, we had a good time – despite being rather tired from having to start quite early!

We travelled back again on Sunday, and got back home in good time. We did a few things related to the house-buying process in the afternoon (filling out the form the surveyors wanted, etc). In the evening we watched this week’s “Doctor Who” while having dinner — we really enjoyed this week’s one! I think it was probably the best one of the series so far…

Afterwards we watched ‘Lost in Translation’. It was a rather strange film. It was quite enjoyable, quite surreal, and I think made some interesting points… but the conclusion wasn’t very satisfying! Quite thought-provoking, in a strange kind of way!

And, I think that’s just about it for the time being. All for now…


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