The Bank Holiday Weekend

Ok, I know that this is still technically “bank holiday weekend” because it hasn’t finished yet, but I thought I’d post something up anyway. What’s been going on this long weekend? Well. On Friday we went to the Good Friday service (see my last post). On Saturday we went into town, did a bit of shopping, and generally had a fairly quiet evening. We did watch Doctor Who, however, which was really good (once again!). Although the plot was fairly ridiculous as Doctor Who plots often are (numbers and words don’t directly influence the universe…) it was nonetheless fun to watch and reminded me once again why Torchwood was so rubbish!

Anyway. On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then headed off down to London as we are staying with Philippa’s parents for a few days. We’ll be here for a few days, which is nice!

Right, I think that’s about everything for me. All for now….


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  1. Yeah I was a little confused about Doctor Who. We analize the world with numbers by converting the world to numbers, calculating these numbers up and then convert the numbers back to an action that we take.
    We don’t yell out 42 and suddenly a atomic bomb appears.

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